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About us

We are the first company to have legal permission to grow Cannabis in Chile.

Our purpose is to develop the Cannabis Industry in Chile, with different vertically integrated companies.

Our goal is to be the first national company with authorization yo elaborated and distribute the active substance derived from hemp and to produce cosmetic products using Cannabinoids.


Cultivation License in Uruguay, Jabelor S.A.


SAG Growing authorization.


Start of the first CBD grow in Chile.


ISP License for pharmaceutical production laboratory set up.


Má Lab building construction.


CBD active substance commercialization with 99% API GMP Eu concentration.

The pharmaceutical production laboratory will be the first in Chile to meet the GMP EU standards for the production of a vegetable matrix.

The laboratory considers:

  • Warehouse of raw materials
  • CBD extraction laboratory area
  • Quality control laboratory
  • Entrance hall
  • Offices and cafeteria
  • Finished product warehouse

The laboratory is conceived as a light building that will house all the machinery for the production of an active ingredient with a pharmaceutical standard for export.

CBD, the second most popular compound

The strong growth in global demand for cannabis has further driven the need to create better product delivery systems as well as sustainable product varieties.

The controlled consumption of CBD in its different formats helps considerably to improve the quality of life of people with problems or conditions.